How to Visit Downtown Canton, Ohio 2017.


We're not from Canton, Oh...

..but we love the place and thinks it's a pretty cool spot to spend a weekend. We love it so much we moved downtown and have made it our home. Here's a guide to our favorite spots indowntown Canton, Ohio. Keep in mind this is an Arts District, a lot of these stores are run completely by one or two people, most of who have a second job. So you might need to do a bit of research to find out who is open and when. 

The absolute best time to come is during a First Friday. Every store is open and in the summer there's vendors up and down the street. The downside is the massive crowd for this festival. The streets are full of people. 

Another good time to visit is when we have the Downtown Canton Flea. We hold our event on every third Saturday from April until September, and then a few winter events you'll have to watch for. Our flea brings 50 to 75 of the best local makers and vintage curators in the area. Most of the shops downtown are open on Saturday between 10 and 5pm so there's a good chance you can see it all that day! 


  • Colette's Vintage - Colette's is literally across the street from our shop. Loads of vintage women's fashion and a few selection of men's pieces. 
  • Main Street Modern - MSM is a GIANT warehouse of very cool vintage furniture. It's a MUST  SEE, but you have to follow them and find out when they are open. Because they mostly do auctions, they are only open to the public sometimes once or twice a month. 
  • Marshall's Antique Warehouse - Marshall's is part of a salvage team that destroys older homes and saves as much of the hardware as possible. Perfect place to find vintage doors, handles and so much more. Call for hours.
  • Rust and Found - a really cute store closer to North Canton which specializes in reclaimed decorating pieces. I think they are only open once a month. 


  • PRINT & PRESS - Print & Press is tshirt designer Little Chicago and print artist Letter Press Jess both together in one building. They also bring in a lot of fun consignors. MUST SEE
  • Collective Skate - Canton's best skate shop hands down. Also very active in the skating community. Not uncommon to see the owner Jeremy outside DJing. 
  • Modern Ritual - cutting edge jewelry and piercing. Cool staff, owners are good people. 
  • Dust - carpentry based artwork and other hip consignor pieces just a few blocks west of us on 6th St. Second job owners, so you might want to contact them for hours. 
  • Just Imagine - A working art studio for adults with developmental disabilities. Mostly open during the week, they have some very beautiful works of art for sale. 
  • Ave Arts Marketplace & Theater - basically a two story mini-mall of artists, soap makers, printers, bee keepers, painters and sculptors.  The basement holds a theater with plays and improv shows frequently. 
  • The Next Chapter Book Store - Canton's smallest, coolest bookstore. 
  • Cantonology - Scrapbooking supplies and classes for people who love Canton history or scrapbooking. 
  • John Strauss Furniture - A pretty amazing custom furniture maker on the east side Downtown Canton's Arts District. Furniture that are works of art. 
  • Only The Essential's Apothecary - mix and match your own essential oil blends. 
  • Heggies - just north of our store is the best hand dipped chocolates. Holy smokes, REALLY good chocolates. 


  • The Palace Theater - ohhhhh go to this. One of the most beautiful theaters I've ever seen. I've seen PeeWee's Big Adventure, Shawn the Sheep, Spirited Away. Keep an eye on their schedule! 
  • Buzzbin Pinball Arcade - tons of pinball games and skee-ball. It's inside of Buzzin (bar) so spend your dollars on booze and your quarters on games. 
  • Canton Museum of Art - always an amazing art gallery in town. Go here.
  • The Escape Room - just a few blocks outside of the arts district is the most fun you'll have locked inside a mystery trying to solve how to escape before the time runs out! 
  • Canton Food Tour - gather a group or join a group. Take a tour of all the best food downtown and sample microplatters from each restaurant! 
  • McKinley Planetarium - exactly what you would think it is. Super fun.
  • 6th Street Yoga - take a yoga class while you are in town. You'll feel better about things. a few times a year they do Yoga on the street. 
  • LIVE MUSIC - if it's not outside on the street it's inside Buzzbin (nightly music), Auricle (dance music with occasional bands) or George's (daily music at lunch, live small bands on weekends).  
  • STREET ART - There's art on every corner in Canton, go walk around and check it out. We have sculptures, an octopus building and tons of murals all over the place. Don't miss the giant Steve Ehret mural inside Mother Goose Land park. 


  • Ikon Images Gallery Shoppe - found on the same block as us, this is high end INSANELY GOOD fantasy illustration and sculpture. That art found on sci-fi novels and fantasy cards? That's this art. MUST SEE. 
  • Joseph Saxton Art Gallery - This free to visit. It's a beautiful curation of upscale photography. Currently they have a collection of Vivian Meyers work (featured in the documentary Finding Vivian Meyers). All works are powerful! 
  • The Hub - the Hub is a working studio collaboration between 7 or so of the absolute best artists in the Canton Arts District. 
  • Canton Museum of Art - I already mentioned them, but here they are again. 
  • Diane Williams Mosaics - take classes or just check out Diane's work. 
  • The ANNEX - A little harder to find open, the Annex is the small hallway connected to Ave Arts, another entrance is shared with the Computer Exchange. Currently I think there's a sign painter, a muralist, a tattoo artist who is kind of a dick, and a raki, shamen, witchcraft store. Interesting stuff if you can get in. 
  • Lynda Tuttle's Art Center - to be honest, it's hard to tell when they will be open. Your best bet is First Friday or trying to contact them directly. 


  • JAA! Dessert Studio - right spanking next door to us. They have sandwiches, wraps, soup and some of the best desserts ever. So good. 
  • Cultured Coffee and Waffle Co. - free video game lounge, espresso drinks, beer and some crazy waffles... like Kung Pao Chicken waffles, and hamburger waffles.. 
  • Deli Ohio - just East of downtown, Deli Ohio is Canton's best Deli. They've got amazing breakfasts and the Rueben is the best I've ever had. 
  • George's Lounge - kept just the way George had it when he was in charge this dive bar now has grassfed beef burgers, handcut fries, chicken and waffles, chili cheese fries.... also booze and beers and bands. 
  • Buzzbin Art and Music- I already mentioned them, but booze, bands, trivia night, beers, plus PINBALL. 
  • Basil Asian Bistro - just 30 feet from our back door, sushi, pho, noodles, spring rolls... they get a lot of my money. 
  • Canton Brewing Company - really great staff who is very dedicated to making the best beer and food. I suggest the coffee porter, the salmon pizza or the Surf and Turf w/ shaved brussell sprouts. 
  • Napolies - this is the best traditional slice of pizza ever. I'll fight you over it. 
  • Carpe Diem Coffee -just open mid-day they are the best coffee flavor downtown. Melissa spends too much of my money at this place.  
  • The Chop House - High end meat plates and a small grocery / to-go sandwiches and soups upstairs. REALLY tasty to go, and a pretty fancy schmancy place to take a date. 
  • Muggswigz - one of the longest running coffee shops downtown. Great space to study, write, draw or hang out and enjoy a coffee. 
  • ThatsaWrapp - If you are looking for a beer and a wrap. Good place for that. 
  • Piccianos Martini Bar - fancy ass martinis for when you are feeling fancy. Ohhhh girl, you look good with that Martini.